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16 February 2017

The Utoolity team is pleased to present Identity Federation for AWS 2.6 – this release marks the begin of a journey towards increased usability and easier onboarding. It adds optional AWS security credentials validation at configuration time and aligns AWS entity references with established terms from the official AWS glossary.


If you are using Bamboo remote agents, please review the Identity Federation for AWS 2.6 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release.

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Table of Contents



Validate long-term AWS security credentials at configuration time

Any new or edited AWS access key is now validated at configuration time by default to capture errors as early as possible.

  • (lightbulb) Given long-term AWS security credentials can be disabled to allow for the highly recommended regular key rotation, it is still possible to check Skip validation to cater for this and related scenarios where the underlying AWS access key is not currently valid.


Encounter familiar terms for established AWS concepts

AWS has meanwhile established an official glossary for the expanding number of concepts in its ever growing service portfolio. A few of our initial naming choices have been increasingly at odds with how the underlying concepts are referenced in the AWS documentation, so we have replaced those legacy deviations with the terms users are now familiar with - notable changes are:

  • the former Account (IAM User) credentials provider is now referred to as either Credentials or an Access Key,depending on context

  • the former Account (IAM User) principal type is now referred to as IAM User (session token)


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Stories

    • IFAWS-454 (UAA-212) – As a user, I want to validate AWS credentials so that they do not fail at runtime

  • Improvements

    • IFAWS-577 – Adjust entity names to match AWS glossary

  • Bugs

    • IFAWS-663 – Fix/Address AWSSecurityTokenServiceException that  'name' failed to satisfy constraint

  • Tasks

    • IFAWS-530 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.4

    • IFAWS-531 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.5

    • IFAWS-563 – Drop support for JIRA 6.1

    • IFAWS-564 – Drop support for JIRA 6.2

    • IFAWS-565 – Drop support for JIRA 6.3

    • IFAWS-569 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.6

    • IFAWS-570 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.7