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One of the most important aspects of applied DevOps within a CI/CD software delivery pipeline is to maintain infrastructure and configuration as code.


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Configuration sources

You currently have the following main options to provide task configuration as code:

  1. Injecting task configuration via Bamboo variables – this has always been available and is the most flexible option in terms of allowing for arbitrary external configuration sources, as outlined in How to provide task configuration from an external source like a file. However, it requires more than one task and can thus be a bit cumbersome to configure.

  2. Injecting task configuration via URLs – as of Tasks for AWS 2.14, you can also directly reference configuration files via http/https and file URLs.

  3. Maintaining task configuration via Bamboo Specs – as of Bamboo 6.0, you can also provide the entire plan configuration via Bamboo Specs.


(lightbulb) Of course, you can still externalize the configuration of particular fields as outlined in the preceding options.