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20 Oct October 2020

The Utoolity team is pleased to present Identity Federation for AWS 2.14 – this release adds an IAM role for EC2/ECS credentials provider and introduces namespace and scope handling for generated Bamboo variables.

You can now provide AWS security credentials via an IAM role for EC2/ECS when you run your Atlassian products on Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, or AWS Fargate, and you can adjust the namespace and scope of generated Bamboo variables.


If you are using Bamboo remote agents, please review the Identity Federation for AWS 2.14 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release.

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Table of Contents

Highlights (Core)


Provide AWS security credentials via an IAM role for EC2/ECS

You can now enable the IAM role for EC2/ECS credentials provider via a feature flag. If you have provisioned your Atlassian workloads on Amazon EC2 (for example, via the Atlassian Data Center on AWS Quick Starts), Amazon ECS, or AWS Fargate, you can now benefit from the convenience and flexibility of providing AWS security credentials via IAM roles for Amazon EC2 instances and IAM roles for Amazon ECS tasks.


Security assessment

The convenience of IAM roles for Amazon EC2 instances have the downside of a less explicit security posture and more indirect regression potential, as further outlined in . The feature currently requires an opt-in via a feature flag accordingly, and we also recommend the principal type 'Assume Role' rather than 'Provided' to gain the actual permissions via another role instead of the one directly attached to the EC2 instance. Either way, please make sure you have thoroughly assessed the security configuration of your underlying EC2 instance(s) and the attached or assumed IAM roles.


Feature flag status

titleLabs feature

We are committed to fully support this feature going forward, which is the first exploratory step in our journey to offer more choices and flexibility in providing AWS security credentials via a dedicated SPI. However, due to requiring architectural changes, we are releasing an opt-in early version as a labs feature so that we can provide it sooner and gather feedback around usability and security questions before bringing it front and center to all customers. Please provide feedback via the built-in Jira integration, or contact us directly.

Highlights (Bamboo)


Adjust generated Bamboo variable namespace and scope

Similar to the Inject Bamboo variables task that has been included with Bamboo as of release 6.7, you can now specify the namespace and scope for Bamboo variables generated by the AWS Credentials Variables and Amazon ECR Credentials Variables tasks to enable more flexible build orchestration. You can now pass a variable between stages, pass a variable from a plan to a deployment project, and you can use multiple tasks within the same job without overriding variables from preceding tasks by adjusting the namespace. The tasks default to the preceding behavior with local scope and a namespace so that this remains an opt-in choice for advanced use cases.

Resolved issues

Release 2.14.2


This release addresses the following issues:


  •  Bugs

    • IFAWS-1494 – Fix erroneous script tag usage in Bamboo tasks

Release 2.14.1


This release addresses the following issues:


  • Improvements

    • IFAWS-1472 – Surface new AWS region Asia Pacific (Osaka) / ap-northeast-3


  •  Bugs

    • IFAWS-1480 / UAA-480 – Fix intermittent SdkClientException when using the Amazon ECR Credentials Variables task

Release 2.14.0


This release addresses the following issues:


  • Stories

    • IFAWS-301 (UAA-49) – As an administrator, I want to provide AWS credentials via an IAM role for EC2 so that I do not need to add an access key

  • Improvements

    • IFAWS-1339 – Add app configuration link tooltip

  • Bugs

    • IFAWS-1359 – Fix missing 40x when using PUT with additional JSON fields

    • IFAWS-1376 (UAA-435) – Fix GET not returning the JSON field when connector scope has not been configured

    • IFAWS-1438 (UAA-462) – Fix insufficient credentials validation of access key dialog


  • Stories

    • IFAWS-1423 – As a user, I want to be in control of variable namespace and scope so that I gain simplified plan composition

  •  Tasks

    • IFAWS-1350 – Drop support for Bamboo 6.5

    • IFAWS-1403 – Drop support for Bamboo 6.6


  • Tasks

    • IFAWS-1348 – Drop support for Bitbucket 5.9

    • IFAWS-1351 – Drop support for Bitbucket 5.10

    • IFAWS-1353 – Drop support for Bitbucket 5.11

    • IFAWS-1405 – Drop support for Bitbucket 5.12

    • IFAWS-1407 – Drop support for Bitbucket 5.13

    • IFAWS-1410 – Drop support for Bitbucket 5.14


  • Tasks

    • IFAWS-1347 – Drop support for Confluence 6.8

    • IFAWS-1352 – Drop support for Confluence 6.9

    • IFAWS-1404 – Drop support for Confluence 6.10

    • IFAWS-1408 – Drop support for Confluence 6.11


  •  Tasks

    • IFAWS-1349 – Drop support for Jira 7.9

    • IFAWS-1354 – Drop support for Jira 7.10

    • IFAWS-1406 – Drop support for Jira 7.11

    • IFAWS-1409 – Drop support for Jira 7.12