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You want to link connect an AWS DevOps tool like a CodePipeline pipeline or a CodeBuild project to a Compass component so that you can use


Compass requires unique URLs to link connect an event source . Unfortunately via a regular link, but not all AWS resource console URLs uniquely identify the resource across accounts , so as a workaround, you can use the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) to create a unique link connect via the AWS DevOps toolchain component page accessible from the left sidebar.

  • (info) Moreover, CodeBuild projects to not yet expose their ARN in the console – as a workaround, you can use any CodeBuild build run ARN.

\uD83D\uDCD8 Instructions

To link connect an AWS DevOps tool to a Compass component:

  1. Navigate to a list of supported event sources, e.g. CodePipeline pipelines, CodeBuild projects, or CloudFormation stacks in the target AWS region

  2. Navigate to the target resource and add a tag with key utoolity:atlassian:devops:environment:type and value Production or Staging (this is currently required due to the default Unmapped type not yet being surfaced in Compass – refer to for details).

  3. Navigate to the target resource and …

    • … for CodePipeline, navigate to the pipeline’s Settings page in the left sidebar and copy the Pipeline ARN

    • … for CodeBuild, navigate to the project’s Build historypage, click on a Build run, and copy the Build ARN

    • … for CloudFormation, navigate to the stack’s Stack infotab and copy the Stack ID

  4. Navigate to the AWS DevOps toolchain component page in the left side bar

  5. Paste the ARN into the AWS resource ARN field

  6. (Optional) Select the desired Component link type, i.e. Dashboard, or Other link (default)

  7. Click Link Connect AWS DevOps resource to create the link

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