Identity Federation for AWS 2.11 Release Notes

7 May 2019

The Utoolity team is pleased to present Identity Federation for AWS 2.11 – this release adds a single sign-on (SSO) enabled Bamboo web repository viewer for AWS CodeCommit, and adds an SSO enabled Jira remote issue link type for AWS resources in the AWS Management Console.

You can now use the AWS CodeCommit web repository viewer in Bamboo to click through to commits and diffs in the CodeCommit console from your builds and deployments, and you can use the AWS Resource link remote issue link type in Jira to create deep links to the AWS Management Console with optional SSO.

If you are using Bamboo remote agents, please review the Identity Federation for AWS 2.11 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release.

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Highlights (Bamboo)

Highlights (Jira)

Resolved issues

Release 2.11.1


This release addresses the following issues:


  • Improvements

    • IFAWS-1192 – Unify single sign-on (SSO) spelling

    • IFAWS-1206 – Adjust connector duration field label and help text to clarify semantics

  • Bugs

    • IFAWS-1194 (UAA-376) – Fix connectors not using temporary credential lifetimes longer than AWS defaults

Release 2.11.0


This release addresses the following issues:


  • Improvements

    • IFAWS-1158 – Surface new AWS region Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) / ap-east-1

  • Bugs

    • IFAWS-937 – Add GetCallerIdentity permissions to Core CloudFormation template


  • Stories

    • IFAWS-1135 – As a user, I want a CodeCommit web repository viewer so that I gain deep links to the AWS console

  •  Tasks

    • IFAWS-1043 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.14

    • IFAWS-1076 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.15


  • Tasks

    • IFAWS-1042 – Drop support for Bitbucket 4.10

    • IFAWS-1045 – Drop support for Bitbucket 4.11

    • IFAWS-1058 – Drop support for Bitbucket 4.12

    • IFAWS-1075 – Drop support for Bitbucket 4.13

    • IFAWS-1077 – Drop support for Bitbucket 4.14


  • Tasks

    • IFAWS-1044 – Drop support for Confluence 6.0


  • Stories

    • IFAWS-732 – As a user, I want to link AWS resources via the Jira insert link dialog so that I can share deep links to the management console

  •  Tasks

    • IFAWS-1059 – Drop support for Jira 7.3