Using the AWS CodeCommit web repository viewer in Bamboo


To use the AWS CodeCommit web repository viewer to gain deep links with optional single sign-on (SSO):

1. (Optional) Configure a new AWS Connector with a Principal Type of Assume Role or Federated User (other principal types do not support SSO)

CodeCommit IAM policy

Ensure that the connector is configured with an appropriate IAM policy that grants the permissions required to use the CodeCommit console, for example:

2. On the Bamboo source code repository configuration screen for your CodeCommit Git repository, navigate to the Web repository section

3. Complete the following settings:

Web repository

Select the AWS CodeCommit web repository viewer


(Optional) Select an AWS Connector to enable SSO – skip to gain deep links without SSO

4. Click Save repository to persist the configuration

To access the AWS CodeCommit console via SSO, click the generated deep links to commits and diffs in applicable sections of the Bamboo user interface, for example the build results summary.

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