Identity Federation for AWS 2.15 Release Notes


If you are using Bamboo remote agents, please review the Identity Federation for AWS 2.15 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release.

Highlights (Bamboo)

Use the app with clustered Bamboo Data Center deployments

You can now also use the app with clustered Bamboo Data Center deployments to gain the flexibility and administrative control to manage mission-critical Bamboo sites.

Previously, the app stored private secret keys used for encrypting long-term AWS security credentials in the local home directory. This worked fine for non-clustered (single node) usage, and clustered usage has still been possible by manually performing the few steps required to migrate the keys to the new Bamboo Data Center shared home directory.

To remove these manual steps, an upgrade task now automatically migrates the private secret keys from the local home to the new Bamboo Data Center shared home directory – this should be a quick and seamless process, refer to for details.

Resolved issues

Release 2.15.0


This release addresses the following issues:


  • Improvements

    • IFAWS-1086 – Update to new AWS Architecture Icons

    • IFAWS-1236 – Add link for temporary credentials dialog to connector overview table rows

  • Bugs

    • IFAWS-1437 – Fix insufficient error handling of temporary credentials dialog


  •  Tasks

    • IFAWS-1455 – Drop support for Jira 7.13

    • IFAWS-1514 – Drop support for Jira 8.0

    • IFAWS-1518 – Drop support for Jira 8.1

    • IFAWS-1521 – Drop support for Jira 8.2

    • IFAWS-1524 – Drop support for Jira 8.3


  • Stories

    • IFAWS-1548 – As an operator, I want compatibility with Bamboo Data Center so that I gain high availability

  •  Tasks

    • IFAWS-1452 – Drop support for Bamboo 6.7

    • IFAWS-1513 – Drop support for Bamboo 6.8

    • IFAWS-1522 – Drop support for Bamboo 6.9