Providing AWS Security Credentials

Tasks for AWS integrates with Identity Federation for AWS (Bamboo) to provide shared AWS Security Credentials management.

AWS Credentials Sources

You currently have three options to provide AWS Security Credentials:

Identity Federation for AWS

Federated Amazon Web Services access

This is the recommended approach to share and manage AWS credentials:

  • It provides benefits like easy credentials sharing and reuse, fine grained access control for AWS resources, strong encryption and more (please refer to the Identity Federation for AWS Documentation for more information regarding the available features and implied advantages).



Refer to Administering Identity Federation for AWS for details on how to configure the connectors.

  • this option requires at least one AWS Connector to be configured with System Scope to allow usage from Bamboo builds, where no user session is available

  • a connector yields a set of temporary credentials on task execution (optionally limiting the IAM permissions)

  • you can configure multiple connectors to provide credentials with different IAM permissions tailored for specific use cases

  • you can also facilitate Bamboo variables to ease managing connectors as outlined in How to parametrize the AWS connector via a Bamboo variable

IAM Role for EC2 (Agent)

You can use IAM Roles for Amazon EC2 to optionally skip credentials configuration all together: if an agent happens to run on an EC2 instance started with an instance profile (IAM role), the tasks can be configured to facilitate those credentials. Of course, the underlying IAM role needs to have sufficient permissions for the task at hand.

This credentials source requires the agent to be running on an Amazon EC2 instance started with an instance profile, which yields three scenarios:

  • local agent - requires the hosting Bamboo server itself to run on EC2

  • remote agent - requires the remote agent to run on EC2

  • elastic agent - requires the elastic agent to run on EC2
     You can optionally specify the ARN of another role that the agent's IAM role for EC2 should assume via the instance profile credentials - this enables various scenarios, notably switching to roles across your own AWS accounts and third-party.AWS accounts (cross-account IAM roles).


No Real Encryption

This is not recommended, but easy to get started with:

  • The common pair of AWS security credentials (an AWS Access Key Id and an AWS Secret Key) is entered directly in each task and persisted after being processed with the Bamboo EncryptionService API.

Please note that the Bamboo EncryptionService API naming is misleading for the time being - as properly phrased in the method summary of, the decrypt()/encrypt() methods just provide means to obfuscate sensitive data.

Real encryption is available by using the integration with Identity Federation for AWS (Bamboo) instead.


Support for temporary credentials

As of Tasks for AWS 2.14.1, you can also specify an optional session token via a Bamboo variable to support advanced scenarios where temporary AWS credentials can be retrieved from sources not directly supported yet (e.g SAML - refer to for details):

  • In a preceding task, prepare a Bamboo variable to provide the session token at execution time, for example ${bamboo.awsSessionTokenPassword}

  • Check Provide Session Token Variable

  • Specify the Session Token Variable that is providing the session token at execution time.



If you prefer this solution, you might still want to ease credentials reuse via variable substitution as follows:

  • configure Access Key and Secret Key as e.g. ${bamboo.awsAccessKeyPassword} and ${bamboo.awsSecretKeyPassword}

  • define plan and/or global variables for the configured variable names (i.e. awsAccessKeyPassword and awsSecretKeyPassword given this example) with the actual credentials, which will then be substituted on task execution accordingly

AWS China Regions

AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

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