Using the AWS CodeDeploy Application task in Bamboo

You can use the AWS CodeDeploy Application task to create, update or delete an AWS CodeDeploy application (see Deploying to AWS CodeDeploy for an overview of the CodeDeploy component lifecycle and deployment workflow).



Application Management

While useful for end to end automation and test scenarios, it is quite common to create CodeDeploy Applications e.g. via the AWS Management Console upfront and only manage Deployment Groups and Deployments from your build and deployment projects.


To configure an AWS CodeDeploy Application task:

1. Navigate to the Tasks configuration tab for the job (this will be the default job if creating a new plan).

2. Click the name of an existing AWS CodeDeploy Application task, or click Add Task and then AWS CodeDeploy Application to create a new task.

3. Complete the following settings:

a. Common to all tasks

b. Actions supported by this task:

Create Application

Create Application

Application Name

Specify an application name.

  • This name must be unique within your account. If the specified name already exists, the task will fail.

Update Application


Application Name

Specify the application name.

New Application Name

Specify the new application name.

Delete Application


Application Name

see Update above



Create Application

Creating common variables for application 'TA1-TAWS-IT260-CDA-51' with id '75843ffb-f2f3-4b64-a78b-1f3b1756f425': ... 75843ffb-f2f3-4b64-a78b-1f3b1756f425 ... 75843ffb-f2f3-4b64-a78b-1f3b1756f425 ... TA1-TAWS-IT260-CDA-51 ... Tue Jul 21 23:11:07 UTC 2015 ... false Creating common variables for first resource affected by task: ... 75843ffb-f2f3-4b64-a78b-1f3b1756f425 ... TA1-TAWS-IT260-CDA-51 ... Tue Jul 21 23:11:07 UTC 2015 ... false

Update Application

See Create above.

Delete Application


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