Deploying to AWS OpsWorks


The deployment of an artifact to AWS OpsWorks involves several major components as follows:

  • Appsan app represents code that you want to run on an application server
  • Instancesinstances represent the EC2 instances that handle the work of serving applications, balancing traffic, and so on
  • Layera layer defines which packages and applications are installed on an EC2 instance, how they are configured, and so on
  • Stacka stack represents a set of instances that you want to manage collectively, typically because they have a common purpose


The stack architecture is illustrated by the diagram in What is AWS OpsWorks?:

The resulting deployment workflow comprises the following activities:

Alternative workflow via CloudFormation

A typical workflow based on CloudFormation might look as follows:

  1. (optional) upload the application source code (the 'App Source') – see the Upload File(s) action of the Amazon S3 Object task
    • (info) OpsWorks also supports other repository types besides S3, such as Git, SVN or HTTP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)