Tasks for AWS 2.16 Release Notes

12 September 2018

The Utoolity team is pleased to present Tasks for AWS 2.16 – this release adds a new task for the AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Parameter Store, adds an action to update AWS Step Functions state machines, adds support for the Amazon SQS event source in AWS Lambda, and adds support for Docker volumes and private registry authentication in Amazon ECS.

You can now store and query secrets and configuration data remotely via the AWS Systems Manager Parameter task, update state machines via the AWS Step Functions State Machine task, use an SQS queue as event source within the AWS Lambda Event Source Mapping task, and use Docker volumes and private registries in the Amazon ECS Task Definition task.

If you are using Bamboo remote agents, please review the Tasks for AWS 2.16 Upgrade Notes for important information on this release.


Use the new AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Parameter task to manage secrets and configuration data

You can now use the AWS Systems Manager Parameter task to get, put, and delete a parameter managed by the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, which provides a centralized store to manage your configuration data, whether plain-text data such as database strings or secrets such as passwords:

This allows you to separate your secrets and configuration data from your code. Parameters can be tagged and organized into hierarchies, helping you manage parameters more easily. For example, you can use the same parameter name, "db-string", with a different hierarchical path, "dev/db-string” or “prod/db-string", to store different values. Systems Manager is integrated with AWS Key Management Service (KMS), allowing you to automatically encrypt the data you store. You can also control user and resource access to parameters using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Parameters can be referenced through other AWS services, such as Amazon Elastic Container ServiceAWS Lambda, and AWS CloudFormation.

Integration with AWS Secrets Manager

Besides natively supporting encrypted Secure String Parameters, the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store is also integrated with the dedicated AWS Secrets Manager and allows Referencing AWS Secrets Manager Secrets from Parameter Store Parameters.


Update AWS Step Functions state machines

You can now also update state machines with the AWS Step Functions State Machine task, which already enables you to create, start, stop, and delete AWS Step Functions state machines:

AWS Step Functions makes it easy to coordinate the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows. Building applications from individual components that each perform a discrete function lets you scale and change applications quickly. Step Functions is a reliable way to coordinate components and step through the functions of your application.


Use Amazon SQS as AWS Lambda event source

You can now use Amazon SQS as an event source with the AWS Lambda Event Source Mapping task – refer to the resp. introductory blog post for more details:

We can now use Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) to trigger AWS Lambda functions! This is a stellar update with some key functionality that I’ve personally been looking forward to for more than 4 years. I know our customers are excited to take it for a spin so feel free to skip to the walk through section below if you don’t want a trip down memory lane. [...]


Use Docker volumes and private registry authentication with Amazon ECS

You can now use Docker volumes and private registry authentication in the Amazon ECS Task Definition task – refer to the resp. AWS documentation for details:

Resolved issues

Release 2.16.1


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-1610 – Update Identity Federation for AWS dependency from 2.10.0 to 2.10.1

Release 2.16.0


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Stories

    • TAWS-1155 – As a user, I want a task to put/get/delete a Systems Manager (SSM) parameter so that I can use remote configuration

    • TAWS-1400 – As a user, I want a Step Functions State Machine task action to update state machines

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-1146 – Add support for timestamp starting position to Lambda event source mapping

    • TAWS-1383 – Refactor Utoolity in-product messaging towards 'apps' and lowercase product names

    • TAWS-1545 – Add support for SQS as Lambda event source

    • TAWS-1547 – Surface support for additional Step Functions region ap-south-1

    • TAWS-1561 – Integrate ECS support for private registry authentication

    • TAWS-1591 – Integrate ECS support for Docker volumes and volume plugins

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-1566 (UAA-350) – Log name of non existing region variable to ease analyzing configuration issues

    • TAWS-1570– Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2018-07-30)

    • TAWS-1571 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2018-08-15)

    • TAWS-1575 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2018-08-20)

  • Tasks

    • TAWS-968 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.10

    • TAWS-1446 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.11

    • TAWS-1526 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.12

    • TAWS-1565 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.13


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