Tasks for AWS 2.11 Release Notes

28 July 2016

The Utoolity team is pleased to present Tasks for AWS 2.11 – this release adds new actions for AWS CloudFormation change sets to enable Continuous Delivery approval workflows, and adds support for using IAM roles with Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) tasks.

You can now create/execute/delete change sets for AWS CloudFormation Stacks, and specify IAM roles when registering Amazon ECS Task Definitions and running/starting Amazon ECS Tasks.

If you are using Bamboo remote agents, please review the Tasks for AWS 2.11 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release.


New AWS CloudFormation Stack task actions for change sets

Use the AWS CloudFormation Stack task in Bamboo to create, execute and delete AWS CloudFormation change sets:

You can now view change sets before updating your stacks in AWS CloudFormation. This helps you understand the resource-level changes (e.g. adding, deleting, or modifying instances) which CloudFormation will apply to your live stack when you are updating your AWS infrastructure. Previously, you could not see the specific changes that CloudFormation would apply to your stack before submitting changes.

You can create one or multiple change sets for your existing stack by submitting a modified template, new parameter values (e.g. the instance type for your EC2 instances), or both. The change set will display a list of proposed changes, such as which resources CloudFormation will add, modify, or delete. You can then instruct CloudFormation to implement the changes to your stack.

Continuous Delivery approval workflows

The introductory blog post also emphasizes the main use case for Continuous Delivery with Bamboo and Tasks for AWS:

“In addition to additional insight into potential changes, this new model also opens the door to additional control over updates. You can use IAM to control access to specific CloudFormation functions such as UpdateStackCreateChangeSetDescribeChangeSet, and ExecuteChangeSet. You could allow a large group developers to create and preview change sets, and restrict execution to a smaller and more experienced group. With some additional automation, you could raise alerts or seek additional approvals for changes to key resources such as database servers or networks.”


Support for IAM Roles in Amazon EC2 Container (ECS) tasks

You can now use the recently introduced IAM Roles for ECS Tasks when registering a task definition with the Amazon ECS Task Definition task, and when running or starting a task with the Amazon ECS Task task:

Now, you can specify an IAM role for each ECS task. The applications in the task’s containers can then use the AWS SDK or CLI to make API requests to authorized AWS services. This allows the EC2 instance to have a minimal role, respecting the ‘Least Privilege’ access policy and allowing you to manage the instance role and the task role separately. You will also gain visibility as to which task is using which role, tracked in the CloudTrail logs.

Read more about IAM roles for tasks on the AWS Compute Blog and in the Amazon ECS documentation. [...]

The tasks to deploy and manage Docker containers with the Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) have been introduced in Tasks for AWS 2.7.


Support for Docker 1.11, Go 1.5, and Node.js 5/6 in AWS Elastic Beanstalk tasks

The available solution stacks have been updated to include the latest versions, see the resp. announcement:

Updated solution stacks are always usable manually as soon as they are made available by AWS - this simply updates the user interface to include those for convenient selection.


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Epics

    • TAWS-936 – As a user, I want tasks to operate CloudFormation change sets so that I can continuously deliver and approve stack updates

  • Stories

    • TAWS-937 – As a user, I want a task to create/execute/delete a CloudFormation change set so that I can continuously deliver and approve stack updates

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-847 (UAA-136) – Improve communication of connector variable restrictions and errors

    • TAWS-994 – Surface support for additional CodeDeploy region ap-northeast-2

    • TAWS-996 – Surface support for additional Lambda region ap-southeast-2

    • TAWS-998 – Surface new AWS region ap-south-1

    • TAWS-1007 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-06-26)

    • TAWS-1015 – Add support for IAM roles for ECS tasks

    • TAWS-1022 (UAA-200) – Add support for custom names within CloudFormation IAM resources

    • TAWS-1025 – Surface support for additional Lambda region ap-southeast-1

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-1010 (UAA-183) – Fix CloudFormation Stack delete action not accounting for ROLLBACK_COMPLETE in stack existence check

    • TAWS-1018 – Fix title of destination field in Elastic Beanstalk swap action configuration

    • TAWS-1020 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-07-18)

    • TAWS-1027 (UAA-197) – Fix OpsWorks Deployment task incorrectly escaping custom JSON strings

Release 2.11.4


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-1101 (UAA-226) – Log resources affected by a CloudFormation Change Set

    • TAWS-1103 – Rename CloudFormation 'Stack Change Set' actions to just 'Change Set'

    • TAWS-1104 – Add support for CloudFormation Change Set type

    • TAWS-1109 – Add support for Lambda environment variables

    • TAWS-1113 – Add support for Lambda C# runtime

    • TAWS-1116 – Add support for Lambda dead letter queues

    • TAWS-1119 – Add support for Lambda Edge Node.js runtime

    • TAWS-1120 – Surface new AWS region ca-central-1

    • TAWS-1132 – Surface new AWS region eu-west-2

    • TAWS-1145 – Add output variable for ECS task version

Release 2.11.3


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-1105 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-11-11)

    • TAWS-1130 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-12-09)

    • TAWS-1131 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-12-12)

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-1134 (UAA-237) – Fix ConcurrentModificationException when using multiple S3 object metadata entries

Release 2.11.2


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-1068 (UAA-224) – Add support for CloudFormation YAML format

    • TAWS-1069 (UAA-207) – Improve error message for Elastic Beanstalk deployment rollbacks

    • TAWS-1071 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-09-15)

    • TAWS-1072 – Add support for CloudFormation service roles

    • TAWS-1074 – Surface new AWS region us-east-2

    • TAWS-1075 – Refactor configuration page to match Automation with AWS approach

    • TAWS-1078 (UAA-221) – Add temporary credentials refreshment for 'IAM Role for EC2 (Agent)' principal type

    • TAWS-1096 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-10-28)

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-1076 – Adjust/Fix help links to use the stable tiny URL where applicable

    • TAWS-1088 (UAA-222) – Fix session duration default for 'IAM Role for EC2 (Agent)' principal type

Release 2.11.1


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-974 – Add inline dialog example for managed Elastic Beanstalk platform updates

    • TAWS-1023 (UAA-194) – Adjust ECS Service task to reflect ARN input option

    • TAWS-1041 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-08-08)

    • TAWS-1044 – Verify/Add ECS support for Docker networking mode and memory reservation

    • TAWS-1048 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-08-23)

    • TAWS-1049 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-08-24 and 2016-08-24)

    • TAWS-1050 – Surface support for additional Lambda region ap-northeast-2

    • TAWS-1051 – Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 2016-09-06)

    • TAWS-1065 – Add Bamboo variable support for Lambda function memory size

    • TAWS-1066 – Verify/Add ECS support for Application Load Balancer

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-993 – Verify upstream fix for deletion of all tags on CloudFormation stack updates

    • TAWS-1054 (UAA-210) – Fix/Add Bamboo variable support for ECS task counts

    • TAWS-1063 – Fix/Add Bamboo variable support for several advanced task options

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