How to integrate Develop with AWS (Jira) via OAuth

You want to integrate your AWS resources with Jira Software Cloud via Develop with AWS (Jira) and have been asked to retrieve OAuth credentials.

Temporary requirement only

Integrating Develop with AWS with Jira Software Cloud via OAuth credentials is a temporary workaround until Atlassian makes the respective APIs and modules officially available for apps implemented via the Atlassian Forge platform.


The process is mostly identical to how you would Integrate with self-hosted tools using OAuth, though you need to configure Develop with AWS (Jira) specific properties to unlock the app’s full features set – to create OAuth credentials:

  1. From the top level Jira menu, select  Apps => Manage your apps.

  2. From the sidebar, select OAuth credentials.

  3. Select Create new credentials.

  4. Enter the following details:

    • App name - Develop with AWS (Jira). This will display in your list of credentials, and also in Jira here and there.

    • Server base URL -, used for future actions from the Jira issue view. 

    • Logo URL -, which will be used as an icon in the list of credentials, and also in Jira here and there.

    • Permissions - check all four permission types and provide the following URL templates:


URL templates


URL templates





Development information
(not implemented yet)

  • Create Branch{issue.key}&summary={issue.summary}

Feature flags
(not implemented yet)

  • Create Flag{issue.key}&summary={issue.summary}

  • Link Flag{issue.key}

  • List Flags{issue.key}&flags={issue.flags}


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