How to test Develop with AWS (Jira)

You want to test Develop with AWS (Jira) and the in-app onboarding is not yet functional.

Codegeist demo limitations

The app can be installed and is conceptually functional, but we have not finished the automated wiring of the AWS resources provisioned via CloudFormation stacks in the user account with their counterparts in the Utoolity account - we continue to work on this and will remove this note once restrictions are lifted,

Meanwhile you can explore the app’s value proposition via our pre-configured demo project, or configure a project of your own and get in touch so that we can wire the accounts manually, see below for details on both.

Testing via the Codegeist demo project configured by Utoolity

Refer to for a brief walkthrough with screenshots based on our Codegeist Demo Project (CDP).

Testing via a demo project configured in your own Jira instance

Refer to for step-by-step instructions.