Automation with AWS 1.3 Release Notes

24 April 2018

The Utoolity team is pleased to present Automation with AWS 1.3 – this release adds a new action for Amazon CloudWatch Events to relay, match and route Atlassian workflow events to AWS where they can be processed by one or more target services, and adds plan, result and deployment entity variables to ease Bamboo notification payload composition.

You can now use the Put CloudWatch Events action with all existing integrations for Bamboo, Jira and Jira Service Desk, and you can inject additional entity variables into Bamboo notification payloads.


Highlights (Core)

Use the Put CloudWatch Events action

You can now use the Put CloudWatch Events action to relay Bamboo notifications, Jira workflow transitions, and Jira Service Desk automation rule executions via Amazon CloudWatch Events so that you can match events and route them to one or more target functions or streams. This allows you to decouple the capturing of events like Jira Service Desk approvals, Jira workflow transitions or Bamboo plan executions from the decision to trigger subsequent automation by one or more target services: 

Amazon CloudWatch Events delivers a near real-time stream of system events [...]. Using simple rules that you can quickly set up, you can match events and route them to one or more target functions or streams. CloudWatch Events becomes aware of operational changes as they occur. CloudWatch Events responds to these operational changes and takes corrective action as necessary, by sending messages to respond to the environment, activating functions, making changes, and capturing state information.


Specify the target region for actions

So far, we have deduced the AWS region from the payload content (e.g. an SNS topic ARN), falling back to the AWS SDK default region in case this was not possible. This turned out to be a bit inflexible for services that do not require or support a region specification in a target resource, for example the as of today single regional event bus for CloudWatch Events, or the regional SMS offering for Amazon SNS. We have opted to introduce the well-established region selection widget to address these scenarios and cover possible mismatches via validations instead.

Implicit upgrade of persisted actions

All existing actions continue to run as configured and will usually default the widget with that configured region when you open the configuration dialog for the first time after updating to this release.

Highlights (Bamboo)

Use plan, result and deployment entity variables in Bamboo notification recipient

You can now use dedicated contextual entity variables for the Plan, the ResultSummary, and the DeploymentResult within the Automate with AWS notification recipient to compose the payload when running remote actions with AWS from Bamboo notifications, specifically from plan level and system level notifications. Previously, you only had access to Bamboo's pre-formatted Notification entity, requiring you to parse values like the build number from text messages. It is now much easier to pass exactly the desired data to your remote actions, which can then easily compose custom messages in any conceivable target format with custom code or based on your favorite template engine.

Resolved issues

Release 1.3.1


This release addresses the following issues:


  • Bugs

    • AAWS-464 – Fix surrogate event timestamp ISO 8601 format

Release 1.3.0


This release addresses the following issues:


  • Stories

    • AAWS-331 – As a user, I want to put a CloudWatch event so that I can trigger rules

  • Improvements

    • AAWS-206 – Add region selection widget 

    • AAWS-423 – Surface support for additional Step Functions regions ap-southeast-1 and ca-central-1


  • Improvements

    • AAWS-355 – Add Bamboo plan entity variable to notification recipient

    • AAWS-356 – Add Bamboo result summary entity variable to notification recipient 

    • AAWS-357 – Add Bamboo deployment result entity variable to notification recipient 

  • Bugs

    • AAWS-409 – Fix region logged by Automate with AWS task always being null

  • Tasks

    • AAWS-378 – Drop support for Bamboo 5.10


  • Tasks

    • AAWS-377 – Drop support for Jira 7.0

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