Put EventBridge/CloudWatch Events - Bamboo System Notification

This parameters template demonstrates the Put EventBridge/CloudWatch Events action:

Event Patterns in CloudWatch Events

This is an opinionated example that works well for ingesting custom events from Atlassian products – refer to Event Patterns in CloudWatch Events for details on these and other available fields.


Put EventBridge/CloudWatch Events parameters example - Bamboo System Notification (escaped manually)

{ "Entries": [ { "Time": "$event.timestamp", "Source": "net.utoolity.atlassian.bamboo.automation-with-aws-bamboo", "DetailType": "Bamboo System Notification", "Detail": "{ \"plan\": $plan }" } ] }


Put EventBridge/CloudWatch Events parameters example - Bamboo System Notification (escaped with utility function)

{ "Entries": [ { "Time": "$event.timestamp", "Source": "net.utoolity.atlassian.bamboo.automation-with-aws-bamboo", "DetailType": "Bamboo System Notification", "Detail": "$util.escapeJson('{ "plan": $plan }')" } ] }

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