Develop with AWS (Jira)

Develop with AWS (Jira) is a Utoolity Labs app for Codegeist 2021 – we are all in with a Cloud-first Forge-first roadmap strategy and are in the process of implementing the reimagined Cloud versions of our soon to be renamed Integrate with AWS and Automate with AWS Server app families on the Atlassian Forge platform. As every so often, swiss-army-knife solutions are best explored via a more specific use case, and it turns out that there is one that lends itself to a dedicated app, meet Develop with AWS (Jira):

AWS resource types and Jira Software Cloud data providers

Refer to for details and links to examples and resp. CloudFormation launch stack URLs.

How it works – Jira

The app provides an integration with new Atlassian Open DevOps experience via the Jira Software data provider APIs – you can explore the respective integrations points as follows:

Scheduled triggers for pipelines

Given you cannot commit to our repository to trigger a pipeline, we have setup scheduled triggers for a few pipelines so that there should be a pipeline run roughly every ~16 minutes.

  • Click the Deployments tab in the project sidebar, for example on the Codegeist Demo Project (CDP)

  • Trigger the Development dialog via the issue glance it in the issue sidebar, for example on

The app currently only supports a subset of the Jira Software data providers, refer to for details.

  • Click the Code tab in the project sidebar, for example on the Codegeist Demo Project (CDP)

    The app currently only provides exploratory support for the the Jira Software source code (deployments info) data provider, refer to for details.

How to test – Jira

Refer to for details.