Meet with Jitsi (Playground)

Meet with Jitsi (Atlassian Forge) is a Utoolity Labs app for Codegeist 2020 – read more about it in our demo space at, incl. instructions on how to use and configure it.

Configuration testing in this playground space

In order to allow testing of the Meet with Jitsi configuration in Confluence, we have granted regular users space admin permissions here in the playground – please restrict your powers to the purpose of configuring the app, thanks

Usage testing readily available in demo space

While you can also play around with it here in the playground, regular usage can be readily tested in in our demo space at – configuration requires space admin permissions though, which is disabled for regular users there, hence this alternative here.

Configure Meet with Jitsi

In order to configure Meet with Jitsi at the space level, please navigate to Space Settings > Integrations > Meet with Jitsi: