Injecting task configuration via URLs



Only a single file can be referenced via URL, combining multiple URLs into one parameter field is not possible. This is not yet covered by the task validation though, we are tracking a resp. improvement as The issue also outlines a potential workaround:

“If you require composing configuration files at build time, you can use a Bamboo Script task to combine the various references with applicable tools like jq and yq before reusing the resulting file in a task configuration.”

Supported URL protocols

The following URL protocols are currently supported:

  1. file:// – you can reference a configuration file from the build working directory. The file:// protocol only supports absolute paths, which requires using the build-specific ${} Bamboo variable to craft the URL, for example:

  2. http:// and https:// – you can reference a configuration file from a publicly accessible HTTP/HTTPS URL, for example:

Contextual entity variables

Refer to Injecting contextual entity variables into task configurations for details.