Automation with AWS Compatibility Notes

Automation with AWS follows Atlassian's Support End of Life Policy and is currently compatible with the following Atlassian product versions:

Cross product support

Automation with AWS aims to be a cross product solution and currently supports Jira and Bamboo (see Automation with AWS Compatibility Notes for details) - please don't hesitate to get in touch, if you are interested in support for other Atlassian products, we are eager to learn more about your use case and adjusting our respective roadmap accordingly.

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Jira 8.22.xJira 8.21.xJira 8.20.xJira 8.19.xJira 8.18.xJira 8.17.xJira 8.16.xJira 8.15.xJira 8.14.xJira 8.13.xJira 8.12.xJira 8.11.xJira 8.10.xJira 8.9.xJira 8.8.x
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.10.x(tick)(plus) (>= 1.10.2) 1)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.9.x(error)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.8.x(error)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.7.x(error)(question)(question)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.6.x(error)(question)(question)(question)(question)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.5.x(error)(question)(question)(question)(question)(question)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Explanation(tick) Supported | (plus) Data Center compatible | (question) Unsupported | (error) Incompatible
Notes1) Jira 8.22.x compatibility has been addressed as of Automation with AWS 1.10.2.

See also Atlassian's Supported Platforms for the current Jira version.

End of Life

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Jira 8.x

Jira 8.7.xJira 8.6.xJira 8.5.xJira 8.4.xJira 8.3.xJira 8.2.xJira 8.1.xJira 8.0.x
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.10.x(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.9.x(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.8.x(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.7.x(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.6.x(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.5.x(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.4.x(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.3.x(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)(error) 1)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.2.x(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Explanation(tick) Supported | (plus) Data Center compatible | (question) Unsupported | (error) Incompatible
Notes1) The Jira Service Desk then action is incompatible with 4.0.x, the Jira post function still works correctly in 8.0.x.

Jira 7.x

Jira 7.13.xJira 7.12.xJira 7.11.xJira 7.10.xJira 7.9.xJira 7.8.xJira 7.7.xJira 7.6.xJira 7.5.xJira 7.4.xJira 7.3.xJira 7.2.xJira 7.1.xJira 7.0.xJira 6.4.x
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.9.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.8.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.7.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.6.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.5.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.4.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.3.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.2.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.1.x(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)
Automation with AWS (Jira) 1.0.x(question)(question)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(tick) | (plus)(error)
Explanation(tick) Supported | (plus) Data Center compatible | (question) Unsupported | (error) Incompatible



Bamboo 8.2.xBamboo 8.1.xBamboo 8.0.xBamboo 7.2.xBamboo 7.1.xBamboo 7.0.x
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.10.x(tick) | (blue star) 4)(tick) | (blue star) 4)(tick) | (blue star) 4)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.9.x(tick) | (info) 3)(tick) | (info) 3)(tick) | (info) 3)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.8.x(tick) | (info) 3)(tick) | (info) 3)(tick) | (info) 3)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.7.x(error)(error)(error)(tick) (>= 1.7.1) 2)(tick) (>= 1.7.1) 2)(tick) (>= 1.7.1) 2)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.6.x(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.5.x(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Explanation(tick) Supported (blue star) Data Center approved | (question) Unsupported | (error) Incompatible

2) Bamboo 7.0.x compatibility has been addressed as of Automation with AWS 1.7.1.
3) Bamboo Data Center is only supported for single node configurations, refer to our Bamboo Data Center FAQ for details.
4) The app is officially Data Center approved as of release 1.10.3, refer to our Bamboo Data Center FAQ for details.

See also Atlassian's Supported Platforms for the current Bamboo version.

End of Life

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Bamboo 6.x

Bamboo 6.10.xBamboo 6.9.xBamboo 6.8.xBamboo 6.7.xBamboo 6.6.xBamboo 6.5.xBamboo 6.4.xBamboo 6.3.xBamboo 6.2.xBamboo 6.1.xBamboo 6.0.x
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.10.x(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.9.x(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.8.x(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.7.x(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.6.x (>= 1.6.2) 1)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.5.x(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.4.x(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.3.x(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.2.x(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.1.x(error)(question)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.0.x(error)(question)(question)(question)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Explanation(tick) Supported | (question) Unsupported | (error) Incompatible
Notes1) Bamboo 6.10.x compatibility has been addressed as of Automation with AWS 1.6.2.

Bamboo 5.x

Bamboo 5.15.xBamboo 5.14.xBamboo 5.13.xBamboo 5.12.xBamboo 5.11.xBamboo 5.10.xBamboo 5.9.x
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.5.x(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.4.x(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.3.x(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.2.x(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.1.x(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Automation with AWS (Bamboo) 1.0.x(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Explanation(tick) Supported | (question) Unsupported | (error) Incompatible

Atlassian Design Guidelines

Our Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG) compliance targets the most recent Atlassian product versions (see Automation with AWS Compatibility Notes) - we aim to fall back gracefully for earlier releases, but you might encounter a few visual shortcomings here and there (e.g. missing icons on a button or improperly aligned form fields).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)