Tasks for AWS 2.9 Release Notes

30 November 2015

The Utoolity team is pleased to present Tasks for AWS 2.9 – this release adds new tasks to deploy and operate AWS OpsWorks apps, adds new actions to support AWS Lambda versions and aliases, and adds a ZIP archive option for artifact uploads to Amazon S3. You can now create/update/delete  OpsWorks Apps, run app and stack commands with OpsWorks Deployments, publish new Lambda Function versions and create/update/delete Lambda Function aliases, and upload ZIP archives as S3 Objects.

If you are using Bamboo remote agents, please review the Tasks for AWS 2.9 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release.


New tasks for AWS OpsWorks

You can now facilitate Amazon Web Service's Chef based application management service AWS OpsWorks, which makes it easy to deploy and operate applications of all shapes and sizes - this is enabled by two new tasks:


New actions for AWS Lambda

You can now also use the recently introduced  AWS Lambda Function Versioning and Aliases - this is enabled by four new actions:

The tasks to deploy and manage event-driven code to AWS Lambda have been introduced in Tasks for AWS 2.8. 


ZIP archive option for Amazon S3

You can now compress files into a ZIP archive before uploading with the Amazon S3 Object task to ease using AWS services that support or require the deployment artifact to be a ZIP archive - this is enabled by a new option for the Upload File(s) action:

  • Upload as ZIP archive - Check to compress the selected file(s) into a single ZIP archive before uploading. Uncheck to upload separately.


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Epics

    • TAWS-397 (UAA-35) - As a user, I want tasks to operate OpsWorks components so that I can deploy applications easily

  • Stories

    • TAWS-442 (UAA-44) - As a user, I want a task to create an OpsWorks deployment so that I can run app and stack commands

    • TAWS-754 (UAA-118) - As a user, I want support for Lambda function versions and aliases so that I can manage deployments

    • TAWS-806 (UAA-123) - As a user, I want a task to create/update/delete an OpsWorks app so that I can manage deployments

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-704 - Assess/Amend logged variable names

    • TAWS-787 (UAA-106) - Add ZIP option for artifact uploads via the Amazon S3 task

    • TAWS-796 - Verify/Add support for longer EC2 resource IDs

  • Tasks

    • TAWS-724 - Drop support for Bamboo 5.1

    • TAWS-804 - Drop support for Bamboo 5.2

Release 2.9.4


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-877 (UAA-141) - Fix command arguments not being persisted on OpsWorks Deployment task configuration

    • TAWS-885: Fix status monitoring loops potentially hanging after error logging

Release 2.9.3


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-848 (UAA-138) - Fix Elastic Beanstalk environment actions possibly failing with 'java.lang.NullPointerException' on CNAME lookup

Release 2.9.2


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-843 - Surface support for additional CodeDeploy region ap-southeast-1

    • TAWS-844 - Update available Elastic Beanstalk solution stacks (as per 20151215)

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-842 (UAA-133) - Fix ZIP option for artifact uploads via the Amazon S3 task not being offered for artifact selection

Release 2.9.1


This release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvements

    • TAWS-814 - Add ECS Task stop action reason and report start/stop times

  • Bugs

    • TAWS-824 (UAA-124) - Fix handling of missing artifacts in S3 Object task

    • TAWS-834 (UAA-126) - Fix missing path normalization in S3 Object upload action

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