Using Identity Federation for AWS

Identity Federation for AWS is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) integration app that provides temporary AWS security credentials for your Atlassian DevOps workflows – enable single sign-on (SSO) to the AWS Management Console with deep links to AWS resources for users, and grant fine-grained access permissions for Amazon Web Services resources via Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies for other apps via a REST API.

Getting started

  1. Ensure there is at least one AWS Connector available – refer to Providing AWS Security Credentials for details.

  2. (Optional) Provision dedicated AWS resources for the integrations you intend to use (you can also reuse existing AWS resources) – refer to Provisioning AWS Resources for details.
     Use the provided CloudFormation Templates to provision AWS resources.

  3. Start federating with the available integrations.

Using Integrations


Use the following integrations in Jira:


Use the following integrations in Bamboo:

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