Using the AWS Resource link in Jira


To use the AWS Resource link for the creation of deep links with optional single sign-on (SSO):

1. (Optional) Configure a new AWS Connector with a Principal Type of Assume Role or Federated User (other principal types do not support SSO)

2. In the Jira issue editor, choose More > Link

3. Find and select the AWS Resource link

4. (Optional) Complete the following settings:

Resource URL

Specify the resource URL

Identify deep link patterns with the AWS Resource Groups editor

You can copy most links as is from an AWS Management Console view that suits your needs – the AWS Resource Groups editor is particularly well suited to identify useful deep link patterns.

Link Text

Specify the link text


(Optional) Select an AWS Connector to enable SSO – skip to use the configured resource URL without SSO


(Optional) Add a regular Jira issue comment

5. Click Insert to create the link

To access the AWS Management Console via SSO, click the resulting deep link to AWS services and resources.

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