Editing a plan notification does not seem to take affect


You have been editing a plan notification, but the edits seemingly do not take affect.

 System and deployment notifications do not seem to be affected.


This problem is caused by a severe Bamboo bug that will be addressed in Bamboo 5.15.0, refer to the following issues for details:

  • BAM-17349 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • BAM-17355 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • BAM-17747 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The only available solution is updating to Bamboo 5.15.0 –  meanwhile you need to apply one of the workarounds mentioned in those issues, for example:


You may be able to work around this issue as follows:

  1. Add an arbitrary new dummy notification (for example, notify a User and select yourself).

  2. The notification list should now surface your intended edit on the original notification.

  3. Delete the dummy notification again.

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