Why is there only one Jira project with comparatively few issues?

Unfortunately we still haven't migrated our internal Jira projects to this Atlassian Cloud instance due to migration between instances being surprisingly complex (resp. time consuming), which is why this Jira instance only complements our internal one, where we track all products in dedicated projects indeed.

To focus on functional improvements, we have so far only been mirroring issues as needed. However, this shortcut used to be a pain from the get go and has meanwhile become a serious impediment due to increased (and highly welcome) user feedback touching so many topics that exist in our internal projects already.

  • We are fully committed to the transparent issue tracking support pioneered by Atlassian conceptually, this is simply a technical challenge that would take quite some time away from tackling functional issues etc. - that being said, this also makes our own work and esp. collaboration with users much less streamlined than it could be, and more importantly, it also results in an inferior support experience for our users.

Accordingly, we hope to address this soon - this task is tracked in https://utoolity.atlassian.net/browse/UAA-1.