Unable to execute task due to plugin not being installed


Your builds fail due to Tasks for AWS seemingly being not installed, for example:

Could not execute task 'Download artifacts' no Plugin with key 'net.utoolity.atlassian.bamboo.tasks-for-aws:aws.s3.object' is installed.


Some Bamboo versions do not pick up changes to tasks after updating an app:

  • BAM-10769 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • BAM-13886 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 This long standing upstream issue had been resolved as of Bamboo 5.3 (unfortunately without sharing the exact cause to help assessing whether the workarounds below depend on other conditions). However, there seems to be a regression for Bamboo versions 5.6+, which expose a similar defect.


If an upgrade to Bamboo >= 5.3 is not desired or possible currently, the issue mentions two eventual workarounds:

Unfortunately both methods are contested to work reliably, notably Martin Reinhold qualifies this to feel like Russian roulette.

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