How to disable the 'AWS Resources' menu in Identity Federation for AWS

You are using an AWS related Utoolity app but do not want to use the 'AWS Resources' top level menu item provided by the included Identity Federation for AWS.

Step-by-step guide

As an administrator, perform these steps in the product's administration section:

  1. go to "Manage apps"

  2. locate and expand the "Identity Federation for AWS" app entry in the app list

  3. locate and expand the "x of x modules enabled" menu link in the right column of the app details entry

  4. locate the 'AWS Resources Link on AWS Resources Section' (ifaws-aws-resources-link) module entry in the module list

  5. click the 'Disable' button appearing when hoovering over the module entry

  6. navigate to another page to verify that the menu is not displayed anymore